Update : April 10th 2017

Hey guys, long time no see!

Today I am back here to update you all on the process of my room and even some projects that I have recently committed to outside of my bedroom.

Last time I posted I did not have much information on my room and what I will be doing with it. Since the last time, I was here I can remember briefly how my room looked and the way it was set up. Since then I had moved my room in a few different ways to see how I best like it, what is most functional for me and what looks the best way.

Tip #1: I would recommend for you to move the furniture that belongs in your room around as many ways as possibly, take pictures of every way and see which way makes your room the most functional and eye catching. 

I have added 2 mirrors to my space which makes my room look bigger and more open than it where to look without them.

Tip #2: Try to add as many mirrors to your space, it will make it appear as a bigger and more open space than it actually is. 

I have also added a desk to my room since posting last, yes it takes up more space in my room but it makes it more functional for my needs and completes it in a way.

Tip #3: Add furniture pieces to your room if they look as if they are missing or they are to make your room appear nicer. 

So far that is all I have changed in my room but I have added a new project which has occupied me off of my room and onto the outside appearance and functions of my house. With the summer coming up in Toronto, my family and I are always outside of the house and throwing parties whether it is with friends or family in the backyard. With such an eventful season we have decided to build a new patio to finish off the look of our yard. Now we did not build it but I did help in the construction of the patio. I really wanted something that was clean and modern. I came up with a few sketches and pitched a few ideas to my parents. I can say 100% that this patio looks amazing!

Anyway, guys, I have to head off, probably gonna work on a new DIY. See you soon!