Room Decor I would recommend!

Happy Saturday guys! It’s Bree here.

I decided that this website is going to be blog posts on my room, DIY’s to use in your room and things that I am changing to my room. I will be working to achieve that whole minimalist clean tumblr look in the end of this process.

This is my first official post on room decor inspired from tumblr *disclaimer* it may not be the best post ever, but I can tell you they will become better throughout time and developing my room. I just haven’t done all that much to my room yet, and there isn’t that much that I can 100% recommend to you because I haven’t fully experienced everything that I have done to my room to see if i like it or not. But hey! Everyone has to start somewhere. This is where I am starting, so lets just get into today’s blog.

To Begin:
I would recommend keeping your room neat, clean and organized throughout this whole process so it makes it way easier to make your “vision” come to life when you think about it.

Room decor that I would recommend you getting:

  • Area Rug:

If you are like me and have and love the look of dark hardwood flooring in your room I would say to you to get a rug for your room because sometimes your footprints can be shown easier on this flooring and dust can also be seen easier so it makes your room always end up looking cleaner because there is an area that is not showing any dust, dirt , or footprints.

I would also say if you do end up getting an rug for your bedroom try to keep it in the centre of your bedroom cause it will make your room look even cleaner and it is usually the area that has the most footprints because it is the area of your bedroom that tends to be step on/ over the most.

  • Fleece Throw Blanket:

Let’s admit it throw pillows can become quite expensive at times but it does help bring your whole bed together. Another thing that isn’t as expensive as the throw pillows is a throw blanket at the foot of your bed. It just makes your bed that much more complete and given the effect of being more cozy and comfortable.

  • Candles

I am not saying that you have to go out and buy the $30.00 candles from bath and body works but boy do those ever smell good. I love them! but sometimes 30$ for a candle can become a bit pricey.

Candles can give a very warm and cozy feeling to your room as well as make your room look very relaxing. I have seen and purchased candles that have costed me roughly $5.00. They all burn the same and they can smell AMAZING. Just because they are not bath and body works doesn’t mean they aren’t any good.


  • Mirrors:

Mirrors can do WONDER’S for your room. Especially if you have a rather small room they can make your room appear bigger. I would highly recommend getting some mirror’s for your room, even if it is just one it can be a great decor piece and can also sometimes come in to be very handy. If you can try and get some desk and hanging mirrors and then get one really nice body length one.

  • Picture Frames:

Picture frames add a personal touch to every room seeking it. It is the main point of your room that will make your bedroom YOUR’S. If you can only choose to purchase one of my recommended decor pieces I am telling you to get a picture frame (s) They really do bring the room together and add your touch to the room.


Well that is it for today’s post sorry it wasn’t all that much but I hope that this helped you with the main decor of your room 🙂

BYE guys!! Talk or should I say write 😉 soon…